The history of China before the establishment of the Republic of China in 1912 and the People’s Republic of China in 1949 generally is thought of in terms of a succession of dynasties, beginning with the legendary Xia dynasty (circa 2100 BCE-circa 1600 BCE) and the Shang dynasty (circa 1600 BCE-1046 BCE), and ending with the Qing dynasty of 1644-1911. The oldest records of Chinese history date from around 1600 BCE. Presented on this timeline are manuscripts, books, and maps made in China and for the most part written in Chinese between circa 1199 BCE and 1931. These documents show the complexity and richness of Chinese civilization over a period of more than three millennia. The originals of these documents are in the collections of the National Library of China, the Library of Congress, and the National Central Library, and were contributed by these institutions to the World Digital Library. Religion, history, geography, government administration, literature, medicine, technology, and early translations of European books into Chinese are represented in the collection. These documents can also be viewed on an interactive map.