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Journal of the Campaign of the Islands of America Done by Monsieur D.: The Storming and Possession of the Island Saint Christophe with an Exact Description of the More Curious Animals and Trees and Plants of America
This work of 1709 is a first-hand description of the island of Saint Kitts and its flora, fauna, people, and economy during the colonial period. The book is by a French naval officer, Gautier du Tronchoy, who in late 1698 and early 1699 took part in a mission to Saint Christophe, as the French called the island. France and Britain vied for control of Saint Kitts for much of the 17th and 18th centuries. In 1783, the island became a British colony. In 1983, Saint Kitts became independent, as part ...
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About the Natural History of the Indies
Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo (1478–1557) was one of the most important early chroniclers of the Spanish presence in the Americas. Born in Madrid of noble parents from Asturias, at age 12 he became a page to the Duke of Villahermosa. He witnessed the surrender of Granada and, in 1492, entered the service of Prince Don Juan I, whose death in 1497 changed the path of his life. After living several years in Italy, Oviedo returned to Spain around 1505 and, from then onward, began traveling between the Iberian Peninsula ...
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