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Gratian's Decree
The Decretum Gratiani, also known as the Concordantia Discordantium Canonum, is a collection of canon law completed around 1140 by Gratian, a Benedictine monk from Italy who taught at the Monastery of Saints Felix and Nabor in Bologna, and who is known as the father of the study of canon law. The work was used in the School of Law at the University of Bologna and later in other European universities. Gratian drew upon existing conciliar canons up to and including the Second Lateran Council in 1139. Different law cases ...
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The History of Bologna in Four Books. Poems to Galeatius Marescottus
Under the influence of Italian humanism and of his book-collector tutor János Vitéz, the Archbishop of Esztergom, Matthias Corvinus of Hungary (1443–1490), developed a passion for books and learning. Elected king of Hungary in 1458 at the age of 14, Matthias won great acclaim for his battles against the Ottoman Turks and his patronage of learning and science. He created the Bibliotheca Corviniana, in its day one of Europe’s finest libraries. After his death, and especially after the conquest of Buda by the Turks in 1541, the library ...
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