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The Grand Theater of the War in Italy
Pierre Mortier (1661-1711) was a Dutch publisher of atlases, maps, and charts. The grandson of religious refugees from France who settled in Leiden about 1625, Mortier grew up in Amsterdam, which at the time was the center of the international book trade. As a young man, he spent several years in Paris, where he got to know French maps and publishers. Returning to Amsterdam about 1685, he established himself as a publisher of high quality maps, including reprints of works by Alexis-Hubert Jaillot, Nicolas Sanson, and the other great French ...
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Valentia Edetanorum, Plebs of Cid
This important early map, on four sheets, of the city of Valencia is by Tomas Vicente Tosca (1651–1723), a local priest, scholar, mathematician, cartographer, and theologian, who was a founder of the Novatores group, a scientific society established with the aim of challenging and renewing prevailing ideas and practices. Father Tosca’s most important book was Compendio Matemático (Mathematical compendium), a nine-volume work composed in 1707–15 that covered, in addition to mathematics and geometry, such subjects as astronomy, geography, seamanship, military architecture, optics, and perspective. The success of ...
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