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Portraits of the Royal Family
Shown here is a bronze engraving, on which ten miniatures are attached, each of which contains the portrait of a different individual who was a member of or associated with the French royal family. The portraits are painted in grey tones on parchment (portrait of Louis XIV) or directly on copper. The miniatures, by Antoine Benoist (1632−1717), painter and wax sculptor of the king, represent (from bottom to top): Louis XIII at 40 years of age, inspired by Jean Varin’s portrait, made in 1704; Queen Marie-Thérèse at 22 ...
Second Map of Sacred Geography Gathered from the Old and New Testaments: This Map Shows the Promised Land Divided into Its Tribes and Regions
This hand-colored map of the Holy Land is a reprint of a map that appeared in the 1662 edition of Nicolas Sanson’s Geographia sacra (Sacred geography), first published in 1653. Sanson (1600-67) is considered by many to be the founder of the French school of cartography. The map was published in Amsterdam in 1704 by François Halma (1653-1722), a Dutch bookseller and publisher who started a business in Utrecht, later moved to Amsterdam, and finally settled in Leeuwarden.