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Introduction to Astronomy, Containing the Eight Divided Books of Abu Ma'shar Abalachus
Ja‘far ibn Muḥammad al-Balkhī (787–886), known as Abū Ma‘shar, lived in Baghdad in the 9th century. Originally an Islamic scholar of the Hadith (the prophetic traditions of Muhammad) and a contemporary of the famous philosopher al-Kindī, Abū Ma‘shar developed an interest in astrology at the relatively late age of 47. He became the most important and prolific writer on astrology in the Middle Ages. His discourses incorporated and expanded upon the studies of earlier scholars of Islamic, Persian, Greek, and Mesopotamian origin. His works were translated ...
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Illustrated Treatise, Arranged By Subject, On Cold-Induced Febrile Diseases and Guide to Treatments
According to the original title, this work was compiled by Li Zhixian and illustrated by Wu Shu (both of the Yuan dynasty, (1271-1368)), and arranged by Xiong Zongli (1409-1482). It was published in 11 juan during the Zhengde reign (1506-1521). Xiong Zongli was knowledgeable in medicine, and many of his medical books were included in book catalogs, such as Shu lin qing hua (Idle talks on books). To create this work, which experts regard as far superior to his other books, Xiong Zongli presumably combined two earlier works by Li ...
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Genealogy of the Bi Family of Xin'an
Chinese genealogical works are historical records that document a patriarchal clan’s pedigree and the deeds and events associated with the clan. Included are names of the person, or persons, responsible for issuing the genealogy, as well as prefaces and postscripts. These works are a useful complement to the general historical records and important sources for the study of Chinese history and culture. This genealogy of the Bi family, which originated in Xin'an County, Anhui Province, was compiled by Bi Hui, Bi Lan, Bi Jichuan, and others. It traces ...
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