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General Map of the Diocese of Pará: Shows the Division of Parishes Where the Venerable Father Miguel de Bulhões III, Bishop from Pará, Founded and Built the Diocese
This map shows the territory of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Belem do Pará. The diocese was founded in 1720, following its separation from the Diocese of São Luis do Maranhão, and was centered in the city of Belém, the capital of Pará state. The map shows the extent of the diocese under Bishop Miguel de Bulhões e Souza (1706-78), who served as a bishop in Singapore before coming to Brazil in 1749. Bulhões oversaw the construction and consecration of a new cathedral in Belém as well as the reopening ...
Collection of the Prospects of the Villages, Remarkable Places and People who are Depicted in the Map Drawn by the Engineers During Their Expedition that Began from the City of Pará to the Village of Mariua on the Negro River
This collection of maps shows villages along the Rio Negro and the Amazon. They are the product of an expedition undertaken by a group of engineers tracing the route of the Negro from Pará to Mariua. The drawings mostly feature local houses, churches, and other buildings along the banks of the river. The maps are attributed to the German engineer João André Schwebel, who was a partner of Mendonça Furtado on this expedition.
The New Map of the North of the Coast of Brazil Showing Distances of the Pará and Amazon Rivers
This early-19th century pen-and-ink watercolor map of the northern coast of Brazil shows the Pará River, an estuary of the Amazon that empties into the Atlantic to the southeast of the main river delta.