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Map of the Pishin Valley and Upper Basin of the Lora: Constructed from the Surveys and Reconnaissances Executed by Officers Attached to the Forces Serving in Southern Afghanistan, Collated with Major Wilson's Map by W. J. Turner
This map of the region around the Pishin Lora River in southern Afghanistan and western Pakistan was presented at a meeting of the Royal Geographical Society in London on February 9, 1880, in connection with a paper by Major-General Sir Michael A. Biddulph, “Pishin and the Routes Between India and Candahar [Kandahar].” The previous year, Biddulph had led a military expedition of British, Gurkha, and Punjabi troops on an expedition from British India into Afghanistan. The map is based on an earlier British military map, with corrections and additions based ...
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Map of North Borneo
Borneo is the world’s third-largest island. Sabak and Sarawak in the north are part of Malaysia, Kalimantan in the center and south is part of Indonesia, and the Sultanate of Brunei occupies a part of the island along the northern coast. The island was known for centuries to the Indians, Chinese, Arabs, and Japanese, but came under increasing Dutch and British influence from the 17th century onward. In 1878, the Sultan of Sulu leased the northern part of the island to the British North Borneo Company. This map, drawn ...
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