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Imperial Calendar in the Third Year of Emperor Jia Jing’s Reign in the Ming Dynasty
The Da Ming Jiajing san nian datong li (Imperial calendar, or great universal system of calculating astronomy) is based upon the system of calendrical astronomy developed by the astronomer Guo Shoujin during the Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368). It was officially adapted by the Ming Bureau of Astronomy in 1384. It specified the phases of the moon and contained predictions of when lunar and solar eclipses would occur. The great Chinese navigator Zheng He used Guo Shoujing's methods to determine latitude and longitude on his voyages to the Pacific and Indian ...
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A Collection of Poetic Exchanges between the Su Brothers and their Disciples
Po men chou chang (A collection of poetic exchanges between the Su brothers and their disciples) contains 660 poetic exchanges between Su Shi (1037−1101) and Su Zhe (1039−1112), the two famed Song brothers, and responses in verse by their students, including Huang Tingjian (1045−1105), Qin Guan (1049−1100), Chao Buzhi (1053−1110), Zhang Lei (1054−1114), Chen Shidao (1053−1102), and Li Jian (1059−1109). This copy from the National Central Library is a Song edition produced in Yuzhang. At the front is a piece by Shao ...
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