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Souk el Hout Square (Fish Square)
This photograph by the Tetouan-Asmir Association shows Souk el Hout Square (Fish Square), one of the most charming public squares in the medina of Tetouan, Morocco. Mountaineers from the surrounding tribes come to the square to present their colorful, hand-woven woolen objects for sale. This square was built just outside the city wall. Ali Al-Mandari, the city’s founder, built the wall with its brick towers and kasaba (fortress) in the late 15th and early 16th centuries. Tetouan has been called the daughter of Granada, and the kasaba reflects the ...
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Bab el Okla
This photograph by the Tetouan-Asmir Association shows Bab el Okla, one the historical seven gates of Tetoaun, Morocco. Bab el Okla is more recent than the other city gates, and is among the busiest. It consists of the main gate and a secondary entrance on the side. The fountain just inside the gate stands out for its typical Tetouani tiles and 18th-century inscriptions of verses praising the city's ruler, Omar Luqash. Located on the Mediterranean Sea east of Tangier, Tetouan served for centuries as a major point of contact ...
Contributed by Tetouan-Asmir Association