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Traditional Chinese Medical Methods of Treatment of Smallpox and Measles
This work was compiled by Wan Quan (1495–1580), a famed physician of the Ming dynasty. A native of Luotian, Hubei Province, Wan Quan came from a family of physicians. His works, such as one on Su wen (Basic questions), followed the schools of Zhang Zhongjing, Liu Hejian, Li Dongyuan and Zhu Danxi, the four great physicians of the Jin and Yuan dynasties (1115–1368). At least ten works are known to have been written by Wan Quan. His subjects cover a wide range of topics, including fevers, maintenance of ...
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The Interesting History of Prince Lee Boo, Brought to England from the Pelew Islands
The Interesting History of Prince Lee Boo, Brought to England from the Pelew Islands, is an abridged version of a longer work by George Keate (1729-97), An Account of the Pelew Islands, Situated in the Western Part of the Pacific Ocean. Composed from the Journals and Communications of Captain Henry Wilson, and some of his Officers, who, in August 1783, were there Shipwrecked, in the Antelope, a Packet belonging to the Hon. East India Company, published in 1788. The book tells the story of Captain Henry Wilson’s shipwreck on ...
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Treatises on Smallpox Disease
This copy, in three juan, two volumes, is a work on smallpox written during the Ming dynasty (1368–1644). Chinese medicine underwent great development in many areas at that time, including in the diagnosis of diseases, case-writing formats, compilation and dissemination of medical treatises, discussion of medical theories and ethics, and research on medical history in China. Already in the early Ming period infectious and non-infectious diseases were identified and given precise descriptions and treatments. Besides plague, smallpox was the great pestilence of this period, and the widespread use of ...
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