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Wolfgangus Lazius is the Latinized name of Wolfgang Laz (1514–65), an Austrian humanist, historian, cartographer, and physician who produced the first set of maps of the hereditary lands of the Austrian crown. Lazius was professor of medicine on the faculty of the University of Vienna, where he was several times dean and rector. Emperor Ferdinand I appointed him his personal physician, historiographer, and adviser, as well as curator of the imperial collections. Like many 16th century scholars trained in the sciences, Lazius was drawn to the emerging art of ...
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Above All
This U.S. World War I propaganda poster shows the devil dressed as a German soldier sitting on a mound of skulls; a bloodied sword rests at his feet. The title, Über alles (Above all), is a play on the words of the Deutschlandlied, a patriotic song that was sung by German soldiers in World War I, and which in 1922 became the official national anthem of Germany. The words "Deutschland, Deutschland über alles" (Germany, Germany above all) were written in 1841 by the German poet August Heinrich Hoffmann von ...
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