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Book of Nature
Das Buch der Natur (Book of nature) is a Medieval Latin compendium of science that was edited and translated into German in the 14th century by Konrad von Megenberg, a German scholar and writer who was probably born at Mainberg (Megenberg), near Schweinfurt, Bavaria, in 1309, and died at Ratisbon (Regensburg) in 1374. He studied at Erfurt and then at the University of Paris, where he taught philosophy and theology from 1334 to 1342. In 1342 he moved to Ratisbon, where he was a parish priest and a preacher. Later ...
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Treatise on Hawks
Jin cheng ying lun (Treatise on hawks) is by Li Leisi (Ludovico Buglio, 1606–82), an Italian Jesuit missionary to China, mathematician, and theologian, who first preached in Sichuan (where he was the first Christian missionary), and in Fujian and Jiangxi provinces. He was taken prisoner by Zhang Xianzhong, leader of a band of freebooters, and brought to Beijing in 1648 by Haoge, a member of the imperial family, after Zhang Xianzhong’s death. Set free and allowed to resume his ministry, Buglio built a church called Dongtang (Eastern Church ...
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