View of Entire Suruga Region


This map of Suruga Province, located in the area of today’s Shizuoka Prefecture, presents an elevation view of Mount Fuji, with the surrounding area mapped on a horizontal surface with relief shown pictorially. This style does not provide accurate geographical information, but it was typical of the mid-19th century. The mountain is drawn disproportionately large, suggesting the impression it made on the mapmaker and the significance it held for the populace. The map notes the names of towns and roads; temples and shrines; and ancient castles, forts, and battlefields; as well as the names of the peaks on Mount Fuji. Suruga was one of the most frequently mapped provinces in early modern Japan, no doubt due to the popular attraction of the mountain and its significance as a sacred pilgrimage site.

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1 map : wood block print, color ; on sheet 51 x 72 centimeters folded in cover 18 x 13 centimeters folded in case 18 x 13 centimeters.


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Last updated: October 16, 2012