Rule of Our Holy Father Benedict


This copy of the Rule of Benedict is accompanied by the essential documents important for monks of the Congregation of Santa Giustina in Padua, Italy, one of the major 15th-century reform movements among Benedictines in Europe. Included are the constitutions of the congregation, which explain their interpretation and the application of Benedict's sixth-century rule to the congregation’s own time and place, special privileges accorded to the congregation by the pope, and policies related to the Benedictine nuns who were affiliated with the congregation. Saint Benedict (circa 480–547) established the abbey and monastery of Monte Cassino in about 529; the origins of the Cassinese Congregation are linked to the Congregation of Santa Giustina. Books such as this are an important witness to the spirit of renewal at work in monasticism on the eve of the Reformation: ironically, this work was printed in the year before the appearance of Martin Luther's scathing criticism of monastic life, De votis monasticis (On monastic vows).

Last updated: July 3, 2014