Portraits of the Saints of the Order of Saint Benedict, Printed with Copper Plates, with Praises from Their Lives


This book is an illustrated calendar of Benedictine saints, marking the annual feast of each with an illustration and a brief introduction. Its German provenance is clear from the fact that it includes, in addition to Saint Benedict and his Italian disciples (Benedict himself on March 21, his sister Scholastica on February 10, Maur on January 15, and Placid on October 5), numerous monastic saints revered for their life and work in the German lands. The latter include Adalbert, Aemilianus, Amalarius, Alcuin, Bede, Boniface, Columbanus, Elisabeth, Emmeram, Gertrude, Gregory, Kilian, Mechtild, Odilo, Odo, Procopius, Rhabanus Maurus, Rupert, Walpurga, Wilibald, and others. An index of the saints is at the back of the volume. The author, Karl Stengel (1581–1663), was a Benedictine abbot and major theological writer who lived much of his life in Augsburg, Bavaria.

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Monastery of St. Ulrich and Afra (?), Bavaria


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Imagines sanctorum Ord. S. Benedicti, tabellis aereis expressae cum eulogiis ex eorumdem vitis

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184 pages : illustrations ; 20 centimeters

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