100 Questions on the Treatments of Gynecologic and Obstetric Ailments of Unmarried Girls and Women. Miscellaneous Notes on Gynecology and Obstetrics


The author of this manuscript is unknown and it is the only existing manuscript edition of the work. The Library of Congress also owns a printed Ming copy. The book is executed in refined handwriting. At the tops of the pages are commentaries written by famous physicians. The title on the spine reads: Chan yu bao qing ji (Felicitous collection of teachings on childbirth), which is the source of some confusion, as that title also appears in the Ming dynasty Yongle da dian (The Yongle encyclopedia). Despite the similarity in title, the contents differ. Chan bao bai wen, a shortened form of the Chinese title presented here, appeared in four printed editions. The earliest, in one juan, was included in the 1441 Wenyuange shu mu (Catalog of the Wenyuange Library). The other three printed editions were by Wang Guan, entitled Nȕ ke bai wen (100 questions on gynecology and obstetrics); Min Qiji’s reprint, which assumed that Qi Zhongfu was the author; and Qian Guobin’s Nü ke bai bing wen da. This version could date from the Yuan or Ming dynasties. It may have been written sometime between the printed editions of Wang and Min. The work quotes the early 12th-century Song physician Wang Kuang’s writings on pulse, fever, and women’s diseases and also quotes Wang Kuang’s work, Zhi mi fang (Formulae to guide the perplexed). It also contains some writing by Li Dongyuan of the Jin and Yuan dynasties. So it is possible that this work combined various sources of older editions that were compiled into a manuscript. Attached to this work is Chan bao za lun (Miscellaneous notes on gynecology and obstetrics), in one juan. It includes Yang Zijian’s Chan bao shi lun and appended useful formulas. There is a fragmented preface written by Wang Jin, dated 1127.

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治室女婦人產寶百問 : 二卷. 產寶雜論 : 一卷

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3 juan, 3 volumes

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