100 Questions on Gynecology and Obstetrics. Miscellaneous Notes on Gynecology and Obstetrics


Presented here is a rare copy of Nü ke bai wen (100 questions on gynecology and obstetrics). The original inscription reads: “Qi Zhongfu, student of Hanlin Medical Institute, serving the medical officers of the Metropolitan Infantry Command and instructor of the Imperial Medical Service.” At the beginning is a preface by the compiler, who affirms that gynecology and obstetrics formed one of the 13 medical departments. He compiled the work with a collection of formulas. Also part of the work are his miscellaneous notes, Chan bao za lu, on pregnancy and various ailments prior to, and after, childbirth. In his Guo hui tu shu guan cang Zhongguo shan ben shu lu (A descriptive catalog of rare Chinese books in the Library of Congress), the compiler Wang Zhongmin gave a detailed history of the Qi family of the Song dynasty, but he doubted that Qi Zhongfu was the author of these two works. Nor did he think that the preface by Qi was authentic. He concluded that the work probably came into existence during the Chenghua and Hongzhi reigns (1465‒1505) of the Ming dynasty and was reprinted during the Chongzhen period (1628‒44) by Min Qiji of the prominent Min publishing family, as indicated by a note at the end of the work: “A new print of Min Qiji of Wucheng in the year of 1640.” This copy is a Qing reprint of 1795 by Jujingtang, who acquired the original Min woodblocks. The authors of the three prefaces were Qi Zhongfu (attributed), Min Qiji (dated 1640), and Xu Gu (dated 1571). Juan 1 deals with various women’s diseases. Juan 2 deals with pregnancy, childbirth, and related diseases.

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女科百问 : 二卷. 产宝杂录 : 一卷

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3 juan, 6 volumes

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