The Teachings of Danxi with Appendices and Supplements by Fang Guang


Presented here is a comprehensive medical work in 25 volumes by Fang Guang (active 1522‒66), a Ming physician. The cover page reads: “Original Shaowu woodblocks of Danxi xin fa fu yu (Additions to the teachings of Danxi by Fang Guang).” The original title reads: “Collected and classified by Fang Guang, Yuezhi, of Dongshan, Xiuning.” This copy is from the edition reprinted in 1536 by Yang Junlin, owner of Sizhiguan printing house. The printer’s label at the end confirms that the work was edited by Wu Guolun (1524‒93) of Wuyang and printed by Yang Junlin’s shop. This work contains numerous parts from revised editions with various degrees of completeness, but it is nonetheless more complete than other extant versions. Fang Guang, style name Yuezhi, other name Gu’an, a native of Xiuning, was a skilled physician and experienced in the Dan Xi school’s therapy and medical philosophy. He undertook to revise the work of Zhu Zhenheng (1281‒1358), whose style name was Dan Xi―one of the four greatest physicians of the Jin and Yuan dynasties―to eliminate the errors, simplify the prescriptions, and see it into print. He added the two characters fu yu (appendices and supplements) to the title. Although the treatments originated with Zhu Danxi, the text reflects Fang Guang’s views. The 24 juan retain the original format, and are grouped into 21 categories, listing hundreds of ailments in such areas as internal and external medicine and conditions affecting women and infants, and the five organs. At the beginning of each group are Danxi’s original, followed by theories of other masters, principles, various prescriptions, and so forth. There are two prefaces, one by the author, and another written in 1536 by Jia Yong (1454‒1547), a Hanlin scholar and a high official. The Library of Congress has another Ming edition in 26 juan and in 32 volumes, but this edition has no cover page, date of publication, or printer’s label.

Last updated: January 16, 2018