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This publication consists of articles written by Siddiq Irshad Mullā Rumūzī (also seen as Ramozi, 1896–1952), a celebrated Urdu humorist and satirist. His subjects here are politicians and their actions, events involving politicians, and the state of the economy. His essays in this booklet also poke fun at so-called religious people, whom he deems imperceptive of the true essence of Islam and who blindly follow old traditions without any logic. While disapproving of people and situations and suggesting reforms, Mullā Rumūzī was careful not to criticize his country. Critics have praised his masterly use of an original style and clever parodies. He invented a form of Urdu that made creative use of a dated syntax and vocabulary, which is now known as Gulabi Urdu, Pink Urdu, or Sweet Urdu. His writing is considered the foundation of a new art form, and Mullā Rumūzī Sanskriti Bhavan, the headquarters of Madhya Pradesh Urdu Academy, is named after him.

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Mansoor Press, Madhya Pradesh, India


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مقالات گلابی اردو

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96 pages ; 21.6 x 13.9 centimeters

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