Plan of the Tietê River Summarized with All Its Turns: Waterfalls are from Port of the Araritaguaba up to the Big Paraná River


This map shows the Tietê River, which runs for 1,100 kilometers through the southeastern Brazilian state of São Paulo before connecting with the Paraná River, South America’s second longest river. Although the source of the river is located near the sea, the topography of the region forces the river to flow into the interior of the continent. Brazil’s largest city, São Paulo, grew up along the banks of the Tietê.

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Plano do Rio Tietê resumido com todas as suas voltas : de onde se vê onde ficam as caxoeiras e a distancia q. a por linha reta desde o porto da Araritaguaba té o rio Grande Paraná

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1 manuscript map : 26.5 x 35.55 centimeters

Last updated: January 8, 2018