General Map of Asiatic Russia: Showing an Up-to-Date Division into Provinces and Regions, Maritime Administration of the Maritime Region, and the Routes of Russian Seafarers


This Russian map of Siberia shows the borders of regions and districts, population centers, roads, fortresses, redoubts, outposts, guard posts, factories, mines, and ruins. It also indicates the territories of the various nationalities of Siberia and shows in fine detail the routes taken by the major Russian explorers--Bering, Billings, Kruzenshtern, Golovin, Sarychev, Gall--on their expeditions to the North Pacific and Alaska. The map was produced by the Corps of Military Topographers which, under a government regulation of 1822, was attached to the General Staff and the Military Topographical Depot “to the end that they might the more successfully carry out state surveys in peacetime and reconnaissance of localities in the rear of the Army in time of war.” In Russia as in other European countries (and the United States), in the 19th century responsibility for mapping national territory often was assigned to the military.

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Military Topographical Depot, Saint Petersburg


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Генеральная карта Азиатской России по новейшему разделению на губернии, области и Приморские управления, с указанием путей российских мореходов

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1 hand colored engraved map ; 58 x 124 (67 x 130)

Last updated: April 12, 2016