Complete Book on the Judgment of the Stars


Abu al-Hassan Ali Ibn Ali Ibn Abi al-Rijal (also known as Haly or Hali, and by the Latinized versions of his name, Haly Albohazen and Haly Abenragel) was a late 10th-century–early 11th-century Arab astrologer and astronomer who served as court astrologer in the palace of the Tunisian prince, al-Muizz Ibn Badis. His best-known treatise, Kitāb al-bāri' fi ahkām an-nujūm (Complete book on the judgment of the stars), was one of the works translated by the team of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim scholars that King Alfonso X of Castile (reigned 1252–84) assembled in Toledo to translate works of Arabic science into Latin and Castilian Spanish. A manuscript copy containing five of the eight books of a translation into Old Castilian by Yehuda ben Moshe Cohen survives and is in the National Library of Spain. De Judiciis Astrorum (Complete book on the judgment of the stars), a Latin translation of the Old Castilian manuscript, was published in Venice in 1485 and became an important source in Renaissance Europe for the understanding of medieval astrology. Presented here is the very rare 1523 edition of the same work, also printed in Venice.

Last updated: June 17, 2014