Bennett's Tower Hall, Front Elevation. 518 Market Street, Philadelphia


This circa 1867 lithograph by architect Samuel Sloan (1815–84) was a plate in an architectural design book; it shows an exterior view of Bennett's Tower Hall, a five-and-one-half story, tower-shaped clothing store located at 518 Market Street in Philadelphia. The building was altered by architect Samuel Sloan circa 1867. This view includes a partial, faded view of adjacent properties. Colonel Joseph M. Bennett (1816–98) established his business at this address in 1849; he named it “Tower Hall” in 1853. Bennett was a successful businessman who used his wealth for philanthropic pursuits, including the establishment of a Methodist orphanage and the bequest of West Philadelphia properties to the University of Pennsylvania in support of the education of women. This print was produced by the firm of Louis N. Rosenthal, a pioneer chromolithographer who operated the Philadelphia firm Rosenthal’s Lithography with his brothers Max, Morris, and Simon circa 1851–72. Rosenthal was born in Turck, Russian Poland around 1824, and immigrated to the United States in 1848.

Last updated: January 8, 2018