Citizens Volunteer Hospital Association of Philadelphia. Instituted September 5th, 1862


This contribution certificate for the Citizens Volunteer Hospital Association shows a view of a street scene near the hospital, which was situated opposite the Philadelphia, Wilmington, & Baltimore Railroad depot at the corner of Broad Street and Washington Avenue in Philadelphia. On the sidewalk, American Civil War soldiers are seen conversing, pedestrians stroll, and a female peddler and vendor sell their goods and wares, including to a group of Zouaves. In the street, medical personnel and doctors accompany injured soldiers, by stretcher, foot, and on crutches toward the hospital. Horse-drawn carriages, including possibly an ambulance, travel past and stop near the hospital. The hospital provided care to the most seriously injured before their reassignment to other hospitals, until it closed on August 11, 1865. The work is by James Fuller Queen, a Philadelphia lithographer and pioneer chromolithographer known for his attention to detail. Queen served in the Civil War militia in 1862-63 and created several lithographs with Civil War subjects, including views of and contribution certificates for the city's relief institutions.

Last updated: December 18, 2013