In Commemoration of the Great Parade of the Philadelphia Fire Department, October 16th, 1865


This tinted print commemorates the great parade of the Philadelphia Fire Department on October 16, 1865, and is dedicated to the Philadelphia firemen and their “visiting brethren.” The text at the bottom lists the fire companies participating in the parade, mainly from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, but some from as far away as Massachusetts and the District of Columbia. The print is based on an illustration by Francis H. Schell (1834–1909), an artist, illustrator, and lithographer in Philadelphia, who later worked in New York for Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper as a “special artist.” The lithographer was James Queen (circa 1820–1886), a Philadelphia native who was apprenticed to the firm of Duval and Lehman in 1835 and did most of his work for the firm of P.S. Duval.

Last updated: January 8, 2018