The Original Moravian Church of 1820. Southeast Corner of Moravian Alley (Now Bread Street) and Race Street


This lithograph from 1857 shows the new church building, built in 1819 after the designs of master builder Joseph Worrel, that was located at the southeast corner of Moravian Alley (now Bread Street) and Race Street in Philadelphia. This new church, built for the Moravian congregation, which was established in 1742, was near the original parsonage on the 200 block of Race Street. Part of the front facade is visible behind a gate and courtyard extending between two dwellings situated in front of the church. Two men converse in front of one of the residences. The right side of the image also shows Moravian Alley (i.e., North Bread Street), and a partial view of a neighboring building. This church building was sold in 1854 when the church relocated to a new building built in 1855–56 at Wood and Franklin Streets. This print was produced by the firm of Herline & Hensel of Philadelphia, a partnership operated by lithographers Edward Otto Herline (1825–1902) and Daniel Hensel (1830–1919) from 1857 until around 1866. The firm produced chromolithographs and bird's-eye-view prints, advertisements, sheet music covers, maps, portraiture, political cartoons, certificates, and illustrations. Herline & Hensel also issued lithographs for the German American community and produced prints for government reports. Herline was born in Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany and, with his brother Gustavus, immigrated to the United States in 1848. Hensel was the son of German immigrants and was born in Philadelphia.

Last updated: January 9, 2018