Keystone Marble Works. S. F. Jacoby and Company, Market Street between 20th and 21st, Philadelphia


This lithograph from 1856 is an advertisement containing a montage of five views of the marble works established in 1855 at 2025 Market Street in Philadelphia. The images are separated by borders comprised of filigree, mantles, and sculpture. The upper image shows the exterior of the three-story L-shaped marble works factory. The factory is adorned with a balcony lined with statues, the figure of William Penn on the roof, and signage reading “Keystone Marble Works” and “S.F. Jacoby & Co.” Marble works, predominately monuments, fill the courtyard. Nearby, laborers work with a pile of marble slabs next to a horse-drawn cart. This image also shows street and pedestrian traffic, including a horse-drawn dray parked near the sidewalk, a couple on horseback, a horse-drawn carriage, a horse-drawn cart, and a laborer pushing a hand-cart in the street. A small inset image contains a vignette depicting the Philadelphia coat of arms. The lower images show interior views of the marble works: the “Cutting Room,” “Saw Room,” “Polishing Room,” and “Show Room.” The interior images show laborers at work cutting, polishing, and transporting slabs of marble under the presence of factory managers. Most of the laborers toil at work tables lining the walls. In the “Show Room” image, an elegantly-attired couple is seen reviewing finished mantelpieces. This print was produced by Herline & Company. A lithographer since 1850, Edward Otto Herline (1825–1902) began operating under this firm name by 1856. Herline was born in Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany and, with his brother Gustavus, immigrated to the United States in 1848.

Last updated: January 9, 2018