Brown, Frederick, and Kunkel, Clothing Warerooms. 41 North Third Street, Philadelphia


This lithograph from 1855 is an unlettered proof of an advertisement showing a block of businesses on North Third Street (37–43), north of Market Street in Philadelphia. The businesses include (from left to right): Sieger, Lamb & Company, dry goods (43); Brown, Frederick & Kunkel, men’s and boys’ wear, and Irwin, Shultz & Peiper, merchants (41); S. Brock Junior, fancy dry goods, and Iungerich & Smith, grocers (39); and Lloyd & Walmsley, trimmings (37). (Irwin, Shultz & Peiper is spelled variantly, as Irwin, Schultz & Peiper, on the storefront.) The storefronts are four to five stories tall and are built of stone. Gentlemen patrons are seen entering and exiting most of the establishments, with some ascending and descending interior flights of stairs. A man sits on a crate in front of Sieger, Lamb & Company. At Brown, Frederick, & Kunkel, a crate rests outside on the sidewalk, while inside, boxes are piled near the second-floor windows. Barrels crowd the first floor of Iungerich & Smith. A laborer rolls a barrel into the shop, and two barrels line the sidewalk behind him. Outside of Lloyd & Walmsley, a gentleman inspects a large box. On the street in front of the buildings are drays, a wagon, and a handcart, attended by their drivers. Some are loaded with goods, with faint writing visible. One drayman attempts to settle his agitated horse. The view also shows the storefront (without signage) at 45 North Third Street and partial views, with signage, of neighboring businesses, including J.W. Swain, umbrellas and parasols (35). The artist, who is likely William H. Rease, was born in Pennsylvania circa 1818, and was the most prolific lithographer of advertising prints in Philadelphia during the 1840s and 1850s. Rease became active in his trade around 1844. Through the 1850s he mainly worked with printers Frederick Kuhl and Wagner & McGuigan in the production of advertising prints known for their portrayals of human details. Although Rease often collaborated with other lithographers, by 1850 he promoted in O'Brien's Business Directory his own establishment, located at 17 South Fifth Street, north of Chestnut Street. In 1855 he relocated his establishment to the northeast corner of Fourth and Chestnut Streets (after a circa 1853−55 partnership with Francis Schell), where in addition to advertising prints he produced certificates, views, maps, and maritime prints.

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