Engel and Wolf's Brewery and Vaults at Fountain Green. Office Number 26 and 28 Dillwyn Street between Vine and Callowhill and Third and Fourth Streets, Philadelphia


This advertising print from circa 1855 shows the facility located at Fountain Green (now part of Fairmount Park in Philadelphia) for the brewery established in 1844 by Charles Engel & Charles Wolf. This view includes the wash house and entrance to the vault (on the lowest level of the hill); the office (middle level); the fermenting and brewing building, and the storage house with fermenting cellar (upper level). A weather vane designed as a beer barrel adorns the storage house. Horse-drawn wagons loaded with barrels exit from entries on different levels, and a laborer working on a barrel toils inside the brewery. Two gentlemen stand on the office porch. On the right, a woman with children uses the property for recreation. In the foreground, a Columbia-Philadelphia Railroad locomotive pulls a train car full of passengers, a double-decker horse-drawn omnibus travels, men ride on horseback, and individuals (a woman and child, and two men) stroll and descend the river embankment to greet a man arriving by rowboat. Text at the bottom of the advertisement reads: “Brewery & Vaults at Fountain Green. Including five large vaults containing 50,352 cubic feet cut out of the solid rock and about 45 feet below ground, where they keep their well known lager beer. Temperature of the vaults in midsummer 46 degrees of Fahrenheit. They are situated on the Columbia Rail Road, about one mile above the Fairmount Waterworks, Philadelphia.” Engel & Wolf purchased Fountain Green, the former estate of businessman Samuel Meeker, in 1849 and dug lager beer vaults to ferment and age the beer brewed at Dillwyn Street. A third story was added to the storage house after 1855 and the plant was remodeled in 1859. The brewery ceased operations in 1870 when Fountain Green was taken over by the city for the park. This hand-colored lithograph was completed by Augustus Kollner (1812–1906). Born in Germany, Kollner began his career there before moving to Paris and then to the United States in 1839. He came to Philadelphia in 1840 and quickly established himself as a distinguished artist, etcher, engraver, and lithographer. Circa 1851, he established his own firm, publishing labels, advertisements, maps, and city and landscape views.

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A. Kollners Lithography, Philadelphia


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Engel & Wolf's brewery & vaults at Fountain Green. Office No. 26 & 28 Dillwyn St. between Vine & Callowhill & Third & Fourth Sts. Philadelphia.

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1 print : lithograph, hand-colored ; 40 x 58 centimeters


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