B. D. Stewart, Morocco Leather Manufactory. Southeast Corner of Willow Street and Old York Road, Philadelphia


This advertising print from 1847 shows the multi-storied manufactory of Benedict D. Stewart, located at Willow Street and Old York Road (i.e., 435-437 York Avenue) in Philadelphia. Signs bearing street names, the name of the proprietor, and the name of the business (“Morocco Leather Manufactory”) adorn the building. Windows on the lower level have shutters, while the upper two floors of windows have slats. To the left of the building, broadsides adorn the small fence that surrounds the courtyard located between the main building and the partially visible rear building of the factory. A man can be seen entering the doorway of the main building, while another gentleman walks on the sidewalk outside the factory. In the right foreground, laborers transport, pile, and load sacks and crates (some marked) onto a horse-drawn dray. Stewart opened his factory at this address in 1839.

Last updated: January 8, 2018