Lewis Fatman and Company. Steam Paste Blacking, Steam Friction Matches Manufactory. Back of Number 412 Coates Street, Philadelphia


This lithograph from circa 1847 is an advertisement showing the adjoined three- and two-story manufactory buildings for the polish and match business owned by Lewis Fatman, located on the 1000 block of Coates Street (i.e., Fairmount Avenue) in Philadelphia. The buildings are covered in signage advertising the business. Laborers, including one carrying a stack on his shoulder, are visible at a few windows and at an entrance. In the foreground, a gentleman walks. Near some crates and barrels, a boy plays with a hoop on the sidewalk. In the street, a drayman transports planks of wood, and a laborer loads crates on to a dray. The wagon parked near the corner is labeled “Fatman and Co.’s Matches & Blacking.” Fatman operated a factory from this location circa 1844–48, in addition to a second factory on North Front Street.

Last updated: January 9, 2018