Edward Banister's Carpet Warehouse and Stephen Foulk's Cheap Carpet and Floor Oil Cloth Warehouse


This advertising print from 1847 shows the five-story storefront of the carpet warehouse of Edward Banister, located at 269 Market Street (Seventh and Market Streets) in Philadelphia. A sign on the front of the building reads: “Stephen Foulk's Cheap Carpet & Floor Oil Cloth Warehouse. Carpetings.” Foulk presumably shared this building with Banister. Patrons enter through the doorways, passing rolled carpets on display. In front of the store, rolled carpets rest on crates. A boy is seen leaning on a street lamp at the corner. A partially visible horse-drawn wagon is parked in the street. Pedestrians walk on Seventh Street past the side of the building and under awnings that are printed with illegible text. This print also includes a dog, a partial view of the adjacent business, and a horse-drawn carriage traveling in the street. Banister operated from this location from 1845 to 1852. It is not known who drew, lithographed, and published this print.

Last updated: January 8, 2018