Donnelly's Match Manufactory. Linden Street near the Stone Bridge, Philadelphia


This 1847 lithograph by an unknown artist advertises the steam patent match manufactory of John Donnelly, located south of Front Street near the Delaware River, in Philadelphia. Signage covers the three-story building, reading: “Donnelly’s Steam Patent Match Manufactory,” and “Linden Street Near the Stone Bridge.” White lettering on the roof reads, “Kensington Match Manufactory.” A small sign for “Donnelly’s Match Manufactory” hangs near the top of the short side of the building. Male and female workers are visible at many of the windows lining the building. Workers also hoist a crate from a horse-drawn cart parked alongside the building, load a horse-drawn wagon, and enter the factory through a door. On the adjacent river, two men glide past in a rowboat. In the background are partial views of surrounding buildings. The Donnelly factory operated from this address in 1847.

Last updated: January 8, 2018