Panorama of Philadelphia from the State House Steeple. West


This print is a panoramic view of Philadelphia as seen looking west toward West Philadelphia past the Schuylkill River. It mainly shows the area of the city between Arch Street and Gray's Ferry Avenue. Printed below the image is a partial key to eight of 15 (1-4, 8-12) landmarks visible in the print: (1) U.S. Naval Asylum; (2) [Blockley] Alms House; (3) Peale's Museum; (4) Walnut Street Theatre; (5) Cook's Circus, i.e., Thomas Cooke's equestrian circus; (6) Saint John's Church, i.e., Saint John the Evangelist Church; (7) Saint Stephen's Church; (8) University of Pennsylvania; (9) [Beck's] Shot Tower; (10) Institute for the Blind; (11)  Water Works, Fairmount; (12) [Thomas T.] Waterman's Church, i.e., Arch Street Presbyterian Church; (13) Eastern Penitentiary; (14) Arcade; and (15) Chestnut Street Theatre. Also seen are part of Independence Square, Congress Hall, the Marshall House Hotel, residences, and the rooftops of several city blocks. The print is Plate 3 of four panoramas originally issued as Panorama of Philadelphia: Views taken from the State House Steeple by the Philadelphia firm of J.C. Wild & J.B. Chevalier. Originally published by Wild & Chevalier in August 1838 to augment their five-part subscription series of 20 views, the prints sold for 25 cents each, or $1 for the set of four. John Caspar Wild (circa 1804–46) was a Swiss-born artist and lithographer, who arrived in Philadelphia from Paris in 1832. He produced numerous prints and paintings of Philadelphia and other American cities.

Last updated: January 8, 2018