Bridesburg Machine Works. Alfred Jenks and Son, Manufacturers of Cotton and Wool Carding, Spinning, and Weaving Machinery, Shafting and Millgearing


This advertisement shows the busy industrial complex of Alfred Jenks & Son, located on the east side of Richmond Street between Franklin and Locust Streets in Bridesburg, Philadelphia. The firm was established circa 1819 by Alfred Jenks and enlarged in 1853. A horse-drawn flatbed truck enters the courtyard of the U-shaped complex containing several buildings surrounded by wood fencing. Within the yard, clusters of workers transport boxes and planks of wood. Outside the complex, a driver handles a four-horse team pulling a truck loaded with two large machines, as other factory workers perform various tasks. The roof of the complex has several working smokestacks. The border is illustrated with six vignettes showing the different types of textile machinery manufactured by the firm. This lithograph is by Emile F. Beaulieu, who worked in Philadelphia in the 1850s, and later in New York City where he produced wood engravings and landscape paintings. The advertisement appeared in Colton's atlas of America, illustrating the physical and political geography of North and South America: Commercial edition with business cards of prominent houses in Philadelphia (1856).

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Printed by Herline & Company, Philadelphia


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Bridesburg Machine Works. Alfred Jenks & Son, manufacturers of cotton and wool carding spinning and weaving machinery, shafting and millgearing, Bridesburg post office Philadelphia

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1 print : lithograph, tinted with three stones ; 32 x 59 centimeters


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