Eagle Hotel. Number 139 North 3rd Street, Philadelphia


This lithograph from circa 1855 is an advertisement showing the multi-storied hotel at 139 (i.e., 227–229) North Third Street in Philadelphia. The hotel is identified as the Eagle Hotel, and the proprietors as Allmond & Stem. An awning over the second floor balcony prominently displays these names. On the second floor balcony, guests sit, stand, and converse. On the street below, a woman approaches the “Private Entrance” and figures stand under the balcony. Dogs walk near an omnibus parked in front of the hotel. Two adjacent businesses, that of merchants Worman & Ely, and that of Eckel & Robinson, providing “Brooms, Cedar & Willow Ware,” can also be seen. Merchandise (including a hobby horse, brooms, pram, basin, and baskets) lines the sidewalk and is visible in the windows and doorways at 137 North Third Street, the Eckel & Robinson business. Two men converse near an entrance to the store. The address of the hotel became 227 North Third Street in 1857, following the consolidation of the city. This print was produced by Thomas S. Sinclair (circa 1805–81). Sinclair was born in the Orkney Islands of Scotland and was active in Philadelphia by 1833, where he soon had his own business and was one of the first local printmakers to experiment with color lithography. A practical lithographer throughout his career, Sinclair produced all genres of lithographs, including maps, advertisements, city and landscape views, sheet music covers, portraiture, political cartoons, certificates, and book illustrations.

Last updated: January 9, 2018