Cooper Shop Volunteer Refreshment Saloon, the First Opened for Union Volunteers in the United States. 1009 Otsego Street, Philadelphia


This chromolithograph from 1862 shows an exterior and an interior view of the Cooper Shop Volunteer Refreshment Saloon situated near the Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Baltimore Railroad station in Philadelphia, an important transportation hub between the North and the South during the Civil War. The exterior view shows troops who have recently arrived marching toward and into the saloon. Civilians on the street intermingle with soldiers, including Zouaves. Banners and flags promoting the Cooper Shop and soliciting contributions adorn the saloon buildings. At the top of the image, the personified figure of Liberty appears astride an eagle, holding an American flag. Behind her is a banner reading, "Unanimitas Hodie Et In Aeterum Virtus, Libertas et Indepentia" (Unanimity today and in the eternal power of freedom and independence). The interior view shows the saloon committee gathered in the dining hall. Behind them is a long table where soldiers dine. Female volunteers attend to the men at tables and at a dining bar, where the men stand. Officers dine at a smaller table to the right. An unidentified woman, possibly Mrs. William M. Cooper, poses near the committee. The names of the thirty committee members are printed beneath the image. The saloon, established in 1861 in the cooperage of William M. Cooper & Company, was a volunteer relief agency that provided meals, hospital care, and facilities for washing, sleeping, and writing to over 400,000 military personnel, refugees, and freedmen during the Civil War. This lithograph was created by Maurice H. Traubel (also seen as Morris Traubel). Born in Germany in 1822, Traubel immigrated to the United States and was active as a lithographer in Philadelphia by the late 1840s. In the 1850s, he established his own lithographic firm, producing advertisements, maps, sheet music covers, portraits, political cartoons, trade cards, and stationery.

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Chromolithography of M. H. Traubel, Philadelphia


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Cooper Shop Volunteer Refreshment Saloon, the first opened for Union Volunteers in the United States. 1009 Otsego St. Philadelphia

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1 print : chromolithograph ; 72 x 50 centimeters


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