The Weccacoe Engine Company's House and the Reception of the United Fire Company of Baltimore


This print celebrates a reception for the firefighters of the United Fire Company of Baltimore hosted by the Weccacoe Fire Company firefighters of Philadelphia at the Weccacoe engine house. Both companies wear uniforms. The Weccacoe firefighters (left) wear long, belted jackets under red capes adorned with "Weccacoe W.E.S" and hats marked "Weccacoe 1800" on the front and "FA" (Fire Association of Philadelphia) on the back. The United Fire Co. firefighters (right) are dressed in red jackets with green lapels, green and gold hats labeled "Union" on the front, and brass belt buckles. The captains (including General Anthony Miltenberger, chief marshal of the Union Fire Co.), shake hands in front of the open engine-house doors, behind which the outline of equipment is visible. The three-story Weccacoe engine house was located in the 100 block of Queen Street in Southwark. An eagle surmounts the dormer-like addition on top of the building. The print is by James Fuller Queen (circa 1820–86), a Philadelphia artist, lithographer, and pioneer chromolithographer, who was a volunteer firefighter with the Weccacoe Fire Company.

Last updated: September 26, 2014