Fountain Park near Philadelphia. Residence of A. McMakin, Esquire


This circa 1850 lithograph, by artist Edwin Whitefield (1816–92), shows the estate of Andrew McMakin, a Philadelphia newspaper proprietor. The estate was located south of Laurel Hill on the Ridge Turnpike at East Falls in Philadelphia. In this view, trees partially obscure the main residence that is flanked by outbuildings that were used as an ice-house, bath-house, and hot-house. A fountain adorns the lawn, and two deer graze. In the foreground, two men travel on horseback and a third walks with a cane. They traverse the dirt road in front of the stone wall surrounding the property. The estate was originally built for Governor Thomas Mifflin in the 18th century; it was later acquired by Fairmount Park and the residence was removed.

Last updated: January 8, 2018