William H. Horstmann & Sons, Number 51, North Third Street, Philadelphia, Manufacturers and Importers of Military Goods


John Taylor French was born in Pennsylvania in 1822 and worked as a lithographer, particularly of fashion advertisements, in Philadelphia from about 1845 to 1852. This advertisement shows the ornately decorated storefront of William H. Horstmann & Sons clothing and military supply store. Patriotic bunting consisting of the names of J.H. Otten, carver, and J. Gibson, painter, and a shield surmounted by an eagle, flags, swords, and spears surround a sign that reads, "E Pluribus Unum, Horstmann," above the first level. Drums, military helmets, flags, and swords flank this central display. Laurel wreaths hang above the ornamental columns on each side of the shop's two doorways and two bay windows. Tassels are visible in the left bay window, while various types of military helmets are displayed in rows in the right window. Shields and crossed arrows adorn the transom lights above the windows and doors.  Horstmann & Sons produced and sold their wares at this location between 1830 and 1857, after which time they moved their factory operations to Fifth and Cherry Streets, and their storefront to a separate property at 223 Chestnut Street. French was first listed as a lithographer in Philadelphia directories in 1845. John T. French’s lithography was primarily produced in collaboration with Thomas Sinclair. Besides advertisements, his work included genre prints, landscapes, and book illustrations. His fashion prints, produced for S.A. & A.F. Ward and issued in the late 1840s, received particular praise.

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T. Sinclair's Lithography, Philadelphia


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Wm. H. Horstmann & Sons No. 51, North Third Street Philadelphia, manufacturers and importers of military goods, coach laces, & fringes, epaulettes, swords, sashes, buttons, laces, chapeaux, pistols, holsters, saddle-cloths, banners, flags, embroideries, &c. &c.

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1 print : lithograph ; 50 x 40 centimeters


  • Digital catalog number: POS 857


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