Philadelphia, from the State House Steeple, North, East and South


This lithograph is by Leo von Elliot (1816−90) after a sketch by Joseph Thoma. Little is known about either of these artists. The panoramic view of Philadelphia in the mid-19th century looks east toward the Delaware River, predominantly showing the area east of Fifth Street between Arch and South Streets from the State House (Independence Hall). It includes the Court House (later City Hall, 500 Chestnut Street) and the Philadelphia Library (the Library Company of Philadelphia, 105 South Fifth Street). Also seen are a flag flying on top of the U.S. Bank (later the Second Bank of the United States, 420 Chestnut Street), the spires of Christ Church (22−34 North Second Street), and Saint Peter's Church (300−340 Pine Street). The print also shows part of the State House garden; the north side of the 500 block of Chestnut Street, including adjoined storefronts tenanted by the American Hotel (181−83 Chestnut Street); S.L. Simons daguerreotype rooms (179 Chestnut Street); George Earle's Pantechnethica (175 Chestnut Street); George J. Henkels' City Cabinet Wareroom (173 Chestnut Street); and a clothing store on the northwest corner of Fifth and Chestnut Streets. Also seen are rooftop views (including people on the roofs) of several of the surrounding city blocks, and a few pedestrians and a horse-drawn carriage on Chestnut Street. Sailboats and a steamboat are visible on the Delaware River in the distance, along with the horizon of Camden, New Jersey.

Last updated: September 2, 2015