John Baird, Steam Marble Works. Ridge Road Northwest of Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia


This tinted lithograph from circa 1848 is an advertisement showing an exterior view of the Ridge Road entrance to the “Spring Garden Marble Mantle Manufactory” and “Steam Marble Works” in Philadelphia owned by John Baird. The factory was erected in 1846, and included a central courtyard, offices, and an adjoining yard, marked here with a sign reading, “Garden Statuary, Vases, Ornamental Sculpture, &c.” A variety of fountains, vases, and statues are displayed on the platform roof covering the yard. Outside the fence enclosing the adjoining yard gravestones are displayed. On the roof of the central courtyard, a clerk shows patrons a selection of monuments. Behind them, a cupola adorns a rear building of the factory. On the sidewalk in front of the factory workers move large slabs of marble using a lever and a dolly, couples promenade on the sidewalk, a horse is hitched, dogs greet each other in the street, and a couple rides on horseback. The woman on horseback rides side-saddle. Factory employees are visible in the courtyard and in office windows. Through an open entryway, a person can be seen climbing a flight of stairs. Baird established his business in 1841, and gained a reputation as a pioneer in the modern operation of marble works. The printing firm was Wagner & McGuigan, one of the premier and most prolific lithographic establishments of the mid-19th century, which specialized in the production of advertising prints.

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Lithography of Wagner & McGuigan, Philadelphia


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John Baird, steam marble works, Ridge Road above Spring Garden St. Philadelphia

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1 print : lithograph, tinted with two stones ; 46 x 66 centimeters


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Last updated: January 8, 2018