Hartley and Knight's Bedding Warehouse. Number 148 South Second Street, Philadelphia


This advertising print from 1846 shows the cluttered-looking three-story storefront of the bedding warehouse located on the 200 block of South Second Street in Philadelphia. A clerk, possibly one of the proprietors, stands at the main entrance to the store and points to one of many disheveled displays of mattresses. Behind him, a couple enters the wareroom. The couple walks under a framed figure of a goose hanging above the doorway. Shelves of mattresses line the walls and rolled mattresses fill the large open display windows. In the back of the store, two women work in a back room. In the upper floor windows of the building, mattresses and bedding are propped out of windows and piles of feathers are visible. In front of the store, a mattress on a bed frame, a bed frame, and bedding on a cot are on display; a clerk loads bedding onto a horse-drawn cart; and a gentleman walks past a fire hydrant on the sidewalk. Partial views of adjacent buildings also can be seen. A prominent sign on the building reads, “Hartley & Knight’s Bedding Warehouse.” Partners Joseph Hartley and Reeve L. Knight relocated to this address circa 1842 and remained in a partnership until 1854.

Last updated: January 8, 2018