Francis Field and Francis, Importers and Dealers in Tin Plate and Tinsmans Furniture, Importers and Manufacturers of Saddlery Hardware, Tin Ware, Tin Toys and Japanned Wares. Number 80 North Second Street, Philadelphia


This advertising print from 1846 shows the four-story storefront located between Arch and Race streets on North Second Street in Philadelphia. The building is covered in signage stating the name of the firm, “Francis Field & Francis,” and advertising phrases, including: “Importers & Dealers in Tin Plate and Tinsmans Furniture,” and “Importers & Manufacturers of Saddlery Hardware, Tin Ware, Tin Toys & Japanned Wares.” A male patron enters the building through the open doorway. He walks below a sign illustrated with a pig that hangs above the door, reading, “Lard Lamp Manufactory.” The patron passes a stack of crates on the stoop marked, “Tin plate by the box.” Toys, tinware, saddleryware, and japanned ware fill the large display windows on the first floor. In the windows of the upper floors, a male and a female laborer at work are visible, in addition to more merchandise. On the sidewalk, next to the cellar doors of the store, is a barrel. The advertisement also shows partial views of adjacent buildings. Francis, Field & Francis (owned by Henry and Thomas Francis and Charles Field), was also known as the Philadelphia Tin Toy Manufactory. One of the oldest toy manufactories in America, the business began operating from this address in 1839.

Last updated: January 8, 2018