Jacob Emerick's Wholesale and Retail China, Glass, and Queensware. Number 215, North Third Street, Philadelphia


This advertisement from 1846 shows a three-and-one-half story storefront, located at 215 [349] North Third Street in Philadelphia, tenanted by the firm of Jacob Emerick from 1837 to 1874. Inside the store, visible through an open doorway, a clerk assists a patron. The sign north of the first floor proclaims, “Jacob Emerick’s China Glass & Liverpool Warehouse.” A large model teapot adorns the front facade of the building. Shelves of porcelain and glassware line the walls. Additional porcelain and glassware, including plates, serving trays, tureens, and pitchers, are piled on the floor, fill the central display window, and are exhibited outside near the open cellar of the store. In the street, a laborer unloads large hampers from a horse-drawn dray. This illustration is by Matthias Shirk Weaver. Born around 1816, probably in New Holland, Pennsylvania, Weaver came to Philadelphia in 1838 to study art at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. To support himself, he worked as a lithographic artist, predominantly with printer Thomas S. Sinclair, drawing large Philadelphia business advertisements, portraits, membership certificates, book illustrations, sheet music covers, and maps. He left Philadelphia for Ohio in 1845, where he died of consumption (tuberculosis) in 1847. This print was produced by Sinclair, one of the premier Philadelphia lithographers of the 19th century.

Last updated: January 8, 2018