William Newell's Grocery Store. Number 3 South Water Street, Philadelphia


This advertising print from 1846 shows a four-story building that houses a grocery and is adorned with the sign, "William Newell. Store. 1793." There are four open entrances; inside, gentlemen are visible conversing and checking a list. They stand among piles of sacks, with some near a rope hoist. In the street, laborers load and unload a conestoga wagon and horse-drawn dray parked in front of the building. Labeled crates and barrels line the sidewalk. Goods include indigo, starch, tea, sugar, honey, molasses, madeira, madder and tobacco. Newell operated the business from this address between 1828 and 1848. The lithograph was created by Alfred M. Hoffy, who was born circa 1790 in England and immigrated to the United States in the mid-1830s; the printer was Peter S. Duval, one of the most prominent lithographers and printers of his day.

Last updated: January 8, 2018