Piper and Andrews, Warm Air Furnace Manufactory. Number 82 North Sixth Street, Philadelphia


This advertising print from 1845 shows a four-story storefront located on the 100 block of North Sixth Street in Philadelphia. The building is adorned with signage that reads: “Warm Air Furnace Manufactory,” “Radiator Stoves, Perpetual Ovens, Backs & Jambs, Vault & Hearth Grates. Metalic [sic] Roofing in Tin & Copper,” and “Cooking Ranges. Piper & Andrews.” A patron enters through one of the two open entryways; inside, a wall of shelves holds merchandise. Clerks and employees are visible at the cellar entrance, inside the second entryway (across from the stairs that lead to the second floor), and in the rear of the business. Pipes and stoves are displayed at the entryways. Two other workers toil at the second floor windows. To the right of the manufactory, a female street vendor sits in front of a rickety wooden building. She sits under an awning with a frame weighted by rocks and uses a falling shutter as a table; it is lined with foodstuffs. The upper floors of the wooden building rise behind her. On the left of the manufactory, a partial view of an adjacent factory can also be seen. Partially visible and semi-legible signs, including one reading “ady's Factory” adorn the adjacent building. Henry A. Piper and R.S.R. Andrews partnered circa 1845–47.

Last updated: January 8, 2018