C. F. Mansfield. Paper Hangings, Wholesale and Retail. 275 South Second Street, Philadelphia


This advertising print from 1848 shows the three-story storefront of the wallpaper store of Charles F. Mansfield, located at 275 (i.e., 621) South Second Street in Philadelphia. A couple dressed in winter clothing enters the store while a woman wearing a shawl and bonnet looks at a large landscape print in the display window of the shop. Reams and samples of wallpaper are visible through the open doorway and shop window. On the sidewalk in front of the store, resting on and under an awning pole not in use, are a wallpaper sample and a box wrapped in wallpaper and marked "Paper Hanging." Partial views of adjacent buildings are seen, including a storefront with a display window. An alleyway separates the wallpaper store from the building seen on the right. This lithograph was created by Robert F. Reynolds, an artist born circa 1818 in Pennsylvania, and known for his fine-detailed architectural advertising prints. The printer was Frederick Kuhl, who was well-known for producing advertising prints and portrait lithographs during the 1840s.

Last updated: January 8, 2018