William D. Parrish, Book Bindery, Paper and Rag Warehouse, Paper Books and Stationery. Number 4 North Fifth Street, Philadelphia


This advertising print from 1847 shows the busy four-story storefront of William D. Parrish, located on Fifth Street north of Market Street in Philadelphia. Signage displayed on the establishment reads, “book bindery,” “paper & rag warehouse,” and “paper, books, and stationery.” A male patron enters the store through one open entryway; at the other entryway, a clerk prepares sacks on a hoist. Shelves of bound items line a wall of the store. In the central display window are glass bottles and stacks of bound volumes. Employees of the store are visible at work in the upper floor windows, readying hoisting ropes, inspecting rags, and working with and carrying stacks of bound books. The windows without employees contain boxes. Outside the storefront, additional signage on the building facade advertise “Book Bindry [sic] Upstairs”; “Rags Bought for Cash”; and “Blank Books and School Books.” On the sidewalk, marked crates and sacks of rags are stacked near the open cellar. Crate markings include “F.C.L.,” “D.C.H. N. Orleans,” “Nashville,” and “Louisville.” A horse-drawn dray with a driver is in the street. Parrish operated the store from this location in 1844–54.

Last updated: January 8, 2018